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'Setting standards in the prevention and management of conflict, aggression and violence in and out of the workplace'

Foundation Award in Managing Work Related Violence

Target Group:

Managers and staff with Supervisory responsibility.

Programme Description:
The foundation programme will provide underpinning knowledge in the National Occupational Standards in Work Related Violence. The programme is based on four (three hour) units followed by a knowledge assessment.  Effective management of work place violence is best underpinned by sound knowledge.  Each delegate will be assessed by a knowledge-based examination that will focus on the key Work Related Violence Competencies. 

The four modules will cover the following areas:

  • Assessing the risk of violence to your workers
  • Ensure your actions contribute to a positive and safe working environment
  • Protect yourself from the risk of violence at work
  • Respond to work related incident

Duration – 2 days
With a further ½ day for the assessment

Delegate numbers - 12

Assessment of candidates will take place at a time and place agreed after the completion of the programme.  The assessment will be open book and last two hours.  Candidates will be required to apply the knowledge they have gained in the units to the questions in the knowledge assessment

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